Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last Train to Memphis -- July schedule

July's episode promises to be hotter than a gas soaked, cross eyed, redneck trying to light a cigarette with a blow torch. Starting with a behind the scenes documentary that features some well known bands before they hit it big, to another short film by the U of M shot on VHS in 1998. And, if you're old enough to remember and have been in Memphis long enough, we have the band from the 70's that rocked Memphis hard, Creed, with their song, Firecracker, to close the show. Our host for this month is the man, the myth, the legend, Jon W. Sparks.

(Blogger's note: I am not responsible for any over-the-top language in this post. And I didn't pay him to say that either.)

The Films:

HFS'tival '96- a documentary film that shows the behind the scenes action of producing a multi-act stadium concert, directed by Tommy Warren.

On The Seventh Day- a short film produced by the University of Memphis and directed by Tuba Gokcek and PJ Curtis.

Music for ending credits:

Firecracker- performed by the classic Memphis band, Creed.

Bonus Film:

The Motorcylist- a short film from 1994 directed by Ken Axmaker, Jr. with cinematography by Will O'Loughlen

The Times:

Sunday- midnight
Thursday- 2a.m.
Thursday- 10:30 PM
Saturday- 1:30a.m.
Saturday- 11pm

For more info or to enter a film, go to
Check with the Library Channel website or our website for more info. July's episode will begin over the weekend and the last chance to catch June's will be tonight at 10:30.

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