Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Anniversary LTTM!

One year ago this month it all started. LTTM aired episode 1 of the Shorts Fest on WYPL TV-18. Since that first episode, we have shown and premiered several great films, and helped start the Memphis Film Collection at the Memphis Public Library. We have had some memorable films grace our presence on the show over the last year, and we hope to see many more for years to come of Indie films and filmmakers here in Memphis. Our host for this month is the always lovely Nancy Ellen Mills. This month's films range from the artistic to the moronic and all are premiers for Memphis.


5 Shots- The Ronald Baldridge Story

The Films:

The Garden- directed by Thomason Pollard.

Under My Skin- directed by Vito Lapiccola.

StressMaster 2000- a film by Bill Runyan and LTTM.

Music for ending credits:

No Holy Grail- performed by Kitchens and Bathrooms.

The Times:

Sunday- midnight
Thursday- 2a.m.
Thursday- 10:30 PM
Saturday- 1:30a.m.
Saturday- 11pm

For more info or to enter a film, go to
Check with the Library Channel web site or our web site for scheduling info.

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