Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In and out

Some of you know this already, but it's tough to watch a film where you've been edited out.

On the other hand, sometimes we make the final cut. So tonight at 6:30 at Indie Memphis, see "Slow Down ... You're Dating Too Fast" by M. David Lee III and see dozens of Memphis actors pitch woo in this ensemble comedy -- yours truly among them.

The digital film uses a modified version of the Dogme95 Principles and a portion of the screenplay is based on improv with the actors who developed their characters.

The story is based on an article David read in 2001 about the Speed Dating phenomenon. It's his second feature shot in the Mid-South and the third one he's had in the IndieMemphis festival.

There are 32 speaking roles, all Memphis and Mississippi actors and crew. It was filmed in six days over a one-month period entirely in Memphis, Midtown, Cordova and Hernando Miss.

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