Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ira Sachs and "The Delta"

The MeDiA Co-op 1000 S. Cooper 901.278.9077


THE DELTA (1996 85min)
directed by IRA SACHS, award winning filmmaker of "Forty Shades of Blue"

Ira's first feature film, shot in Memphis will screen at the MeDiA Co-op
Saturday October 15th 8pm
Sunday October 16th 6pm
$5 suggested donation

Plot Summary
Lincoln, who's not yet 18, leads a straight life most of the time: he has a girl friend, goes to dances, jokes with guys. But he also has a secret life, in which he's drawn to dark places where he has sex with men he doesn't know. One night, while visiting a gay video arcade, he connects with John, a Vietnamese-born gay man, in his 20s probably, whose father was an African-American US soldier. John invites Lincoln to spend some carefree time with him, and Lincoln takes him to his father's boat. John then convinces Lincoln to take the boat into the Mississippi delta, where setting off some fireworks out of season precipitates betrayal and revenge.

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