Thursday, October 06, 2005

The one meeting you need to attend

If you care anything about making or being in movies made in Tennessee, then you should make every effort to attend this public hearing. There is a talent drain going from here to Louisiana because of the incentives offered by that state (see post below regarding Shreveport).

Here's the info on next week's public hearing:

The newly formed State Film Production Advisory Committee will hold its third public hearing in the state in Memphis on Wednesday, October 12, to discuss the law that created the Committee and to investigate possibilities for future film and television incentives in the State.

It's at the Botanical Gardens, 750 Cherry Road from 2–4 p.m. Producer/director/actor David Keith will be at the hearing. A reception from 5-6 p.m. with committee members will be held at the Botanic Gardens immediately after.

Along with East Tennessee Television & Film Commissioner Mike Barnes, Linn Sitler, Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commissioner since 1987, will sit as an ex-officio member on the panel.
According to Sitler, “I am thrilled that state government has taken such a strong and visible step as the formation of this committee. Although Memphis & Shelby County have pushed for the passage of incentives the last two legislative sessions, this will be the first session where we have the strength of The Governor’s Office behind us. I predict that the Administration’s support will make a huge difference.”

David J. Bennett, Executive Director of the Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission will chair the Committee and will be joined by Matthew H. Kisber, Commissioner of Economic and Community Development and Susan H. Whitaker, Commissioner of Tourist Development. Other members appointed by Governor Bredesen to represent the film and television industries are:

--Martin Clayton: Vice President, Operations, Administration, CMT and Vice President, Digital Media, General Manager,

--Mitchell Galin: Producer, is a veteran filmmaker with an extensive filmography in both television movies/specials and theatrical motion pictures.

--Ted Hatfield: Director of Film Marketing, Regal Entertainment Group.

--Isaac Singleton: Principal of an award-winning television production company, Memphis’ Spotlight Productions.

The Committee has been directed by Governor Bredesen to study film and television production in Tennessee, determine the economic impact of film and television on the State, and evaluate incentives now being offered by the State as well as those offered by neighboring states. The Committee will report its findings along with its recommendations and proposed legislative changes to the Governor and members of the Legislature by February 1, 2006. The initial Public Hearing was held in Knoxville September 14, the second Hearing was held in Nashville September 28.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
If you go to they have a breakdown on the tax advantages Louisana gave the film makers and the profits the state projected on making after the tax break. It was a Win/Win situation for both.Go to press releases for all the info. Don't let people ramble that don't have any facts to back up their statements. good luck. MM

EJ said...

Wish I could be there, but we have an 8:30 am call on Black Snake Moan and I'm sure we won't get out until late. I wish I could send someone with a statement on behalf of all the local folks for whom this film has provided economic promise and awareness to the film production community of the incredible resources we have uncovered in Memphis as a result of Craig's production company and their plans.

Thanks to everyone who will be in attendance.