Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Act One" on DVD

Old School Pictures is excited to announce the release of "Act One" on DVD. We had 1,000 copies replicated and are now selling them off our website (www.oldschoolpictures.net) through a PayPal link for $15/each, which includes shipping and handling. We've gone all out for this disc to give people a great deal; here are the extra features:

- 16 x 9 enhanced widescreen version of the film
- Motion menus
- Dolby Digital 2.0
- Scene Selection
- Feature Commentary with director Brad Ellis and writer/actor Allen Gardner
- Feature Commentary with lighting designer John Moore, producer Mark Norris, and director of photography Matt Weatherly
- ‘One More Take’ – Behind the Scenes of Act One, a 30 minute featurette
- Deleted Scenes with optional director commentary
- Audition Reel
- Outtake Reel
- Photo Slideshow with commentary by on-set photographer Michael Norris
- News Channel 3 “Live at 9” interview with Mark Norris and Matt Weatherly
- News Channel 3 “Live at 9” interview with Brad Ellis and Allen Gardner
- Time Warner TV spots
- Q107.5 Radio Interview with Brad Ellis
- Fox 13 Movie Review by Film Commissioner Linn Sitler

We were hoping you could, perhaps, post an announcement on your memphis.cool.movies blog to let the general public know. It would certainly help us sell some of these things!!

I've attached our official press release should you want to post it. Revise, shorten...whatever...I guess the most important thing is to direct people to our website so they can make a purchase off PayPal.

Please let me know what you think and thanks for all of your support!

Brad Ellis
Director, Old School Pictures

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