Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Casting for local short 'In An Instant'

BeAbout It! Productions along with Pittstop Productions brings you the Short Film 'In An Instant' We will be shooting in the next 2-3 weeks. This film will be submitted to Indie Memphis, and other national film festivals. Feel free to visit website www.ArnitaWilliams.com for Demo Reel.

This is a story about a close knit family that all become suspects in the mysterious death of the twin sister's mischievous pro-ball playing husband. Was his sudden death an accident or a planned incident? Suspense Drama, Mystery, Deception, and Murder?

Kyla (Lighthearted Twin)- Already Cast. Lead
Kris- (Stern Twin) -Already Cast. Lead
Devin- Pro Ball Husband, Attractive, Athletic, Very Fit and very tal.l Late 20's early 30's. Must know how to play basketball. Lead
Mr. Cook- Twin's father- African American Male at least in his 50's. Principal
Mrs. Cook- Twins mother- African American Female at least in 50's. Principal
Kris's Fiance- Any ethnicity, Hispanic, Caucasion,etc. Late 20's or early 30's
Tiffany-Scandalous Preganant Girl, Caucasian or any ethnicity
Stacy- Groupie Girls,Sexy, Attractive Model Types. Principal
Kelly- Groupie Girl, Sexy, Attractive Model Type. Principal
Groupie Girls.(2) Young Adult, Sexy, Attractive Model Type Featured
Isaiah- Kyra's Good Male Friend, African American Tall Handsome, Articulate, Fit, Lead.
Judge. Caucasian Male
Attorney- 1 Older Caucasian Male,
Attorney- 1 Caucasian male late 20's, 30's,
Attorney- 1 Caucasian Female- late 20's, 30's 40's
Jury Members (12) Any ethnicity, Any Gender. Featured

Email headshot & resume along with contact info to BeAboutIt@ArnitaWilliams.com

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