Monday, June 05, 2006

MeDiA Co-op First Tuesday Filmmaking Workshop

MeDiA Co-op First Tuesday Filmmaking Workshop Series-JUNE

* Tuesday, June 6, 7:30pm donations accepted.

Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking of Oddly Buoyant Productions(Automusik Can Do No Wrong) will discuss their new work-in-progress "Eat" with the Media Co-op. Among the topics for discussion will be the writing process, casting and rehearsals, pre-production planning, shooting and editing of their latest project, and those they've worked on previously. Please join us for an amazing evening with these amazing individuals, winners of Indie Memphis' 2004 Best Hometowner Feature award, and leaders of the pack in throwing the best filmmaker parties around town. We'll also be signing up new members at the co-op for use of equipment, and space.

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