Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Fraternity Massacre At Hell Island" premieres June 29

"Fraternity Massacre At Hell Island" new indie film to premier June 29

A new Memphis movie is set to premier on June 29 at Studio on the Square. Call it a comedy with Blood or a B Horror movie; its a fun ride as pledge Jack Jones must battle homophobia and a killer Clown during Hell Night for his Fraternity. Brothers and pledges are learning quickly that things are amiss at the haunted island. The bodies start to stack up and the the killer clown
will stop at nothing to kill off the fraternity. Meanwhile, four college students learn what happens when you trust the wrong leaders and become overly patriotic. (sp?)

A huge cast that includes Tyler Farrell, Billie Worley, Kaleo Quenzer, Corie Ventura, Sarah Ewell and Michael Gravois.

Director of Photography/Editor: Ryan Parker, Written and directed by Mark Jones

**Tickets are on sale now at Burke's Book Store. Cost $5.
Show times are 7 and 9 on June 29. Tickets are selling fast.

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