Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beifuss on Audley's must-see 'Team Picture'

John Beifuss gives an enthusiastic endorsement of Kentucker Audley's feature at IMFF:

"Team Picture," which screens Sunday and Wednesday at Malco's Studio on the Square, is probably the least expensive and most undemonstrative feature film in this year's Indie Memphis Film Festival.

On the surface, its story and visuals couldn't be simpler. Yet it's also the richest and most assured local feature in the festival, and it introduces a valuable and distinctive voice to the Memphis (and even national) filmmaking culture: a 25-year-old writer-director who calls himself Kentucker Audley.

In fact, "Team Picture" may represent the most promising feature debut for a Memphis filmmaker since Craig Brewer's "The Poor & Hungry" in 2000. But even Brewer's black-and-white video "digiflik" cost about $20,000; Audley estimates "Team Picture" was produced for a measly $1,500.

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