Saturday, October 27, 2007

Local actors on Biography Channel

Episode: The Wrong Man

The Biography Channel

Starring Memphis’ own, Geoff Falk, Danny Thomas, Trent Dee

Sunday, October 28 9:30pm ET, Monday, October 29 1:30am ET

Memphis Police have a prime suspect in the gruesome killings of two prostitutes. As they prepare to make an arrest, psychic Carol Pate pays the cops a visit, and tells them they've got the wrong man. The detectives think she's mistaken, but Pate insists and says they should be looking for a serial killer. Six weeks later, their suspect is cleared and another woman is killed. Investigators realize the psychic was right all along. They contact Pate, who now describes details of the crime scenes no one but the killer and the police know. Can Pate's paranormal insights get inside the head of the killer? Can a psychic help police to stop a psychopath?

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Arnita said...

Local Actor on Biography Channel

Psychic Investigators
Episode: The Wrong Man

Omission: Also starring Memphis' own Arnita Williams(In An Instant, What Goes Around) and Yanike Mann(Tricks)