Monday, October 22, 2007

Flyer's picks for Monday

Go here to check out the Memphis Flyer's picks for today's Indie Memphis Film Festival offerings.

One is the classic locally done film "I Was a Zombie for the FBI" from the early 1980s.

Another Flyer pick is "Tricks." Here are excerpts from comments by reviewer Greg Akers:

Pittstop Productions had a good showing at last year's Indie Memphis Film Festival with "What Goes Around …". This year, the production company is back with "Tricks," written and directed by and starring DeAara Lewis. (Rod Pitts, Pittstop's titular captain, serves as the film’s director of photography.) ...

Tricks is not a preachy film. It is morally ambiguous, but, again, in an au naturale way. And just because it isn't seedy, it doesn't mean it paints a rosy picture of these women’s lives, either. For one, the madam has to bribe Jon W. Sparks -- I mean, the police -- to stay in business. Call it monetizing law enforcement.

Thank you Greg, and remember that you can pick up the Memphis Flyer free at fine establishments all over town. Also, please remember to click through the Google Ads on this Website.

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