Thursday, October 11, 2007

'The Hanged Man' at Indie Memphis

The Hanged Man screening at IndieMemphis - Saturday, Oct. 20 at 6:25 p.m. at Studio on the Square.

For the past four years, they've known each other only by their Internet screen names. But tonight in a haunted barn, miles from the trappings of their troubled lives, a group of social misfits gather for the final, ultimate act ... suicide. Lured into a pact by their mysterious leader and desperate to escape their haunted pasts, the group is forced, one by one, to confront the failures, lies and delusions that have brought them to this night and the ultimate realization that maybe ... just maybe ... there's something to live for.

Mix one part Waiting for Godot and one part Breakfast Club with a hefty dose of Twilight Zone and the end result is The Hanged Man -- A supernatural thriller that tears away the false veneer of our everyday lives and shows us there is more in life to fear than death. At times dramatic, hilarious and moving, this offbeat 'dramedy' thriller continuously surprises with its unexpected plot twists and unique characters; giving the audience an entertaining look into the darker currents of contemporary American life.

The Hanged Man. Sometimes Death is just the Beginning...

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