Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another film comes to Memphis

From today's story in the CA by John Beifuss:

Memphis director Craig Brewer will reunite with his "Hustle & Flow" star Terrence Howard, who will portray country singer Charley Pride, in a movie biography under a deal expected to be signed with Paramount Pictures.

Although Pride achieved fame in Nashville, Brewer said, "One of the reasons I went after this project is because I knew I could shoot a majority of it in Memphis." ...

The Charley Pride biopic -- to be produced by Southern Cross the Dog, the company founded by Brewer and his producing partner Stephanie Allain, with the participation of other producers connected with Pride -- could represent the first time Brewer has directed a film he didn't write. Brewer said he is too busy writing his next film, "Maggie Lynn," to script the Pride movie; he said he and Allain are looking for "the right writer" for the project.

Assuming a script is accepted, the movie still likely wouldn't be ready to go before the cameras until 2008.

"I want the project ready to direct after I do 'Maggie Lynn,'" said Brewer, whose ambitious slate also includes a possible broad-canvas film about the Memphis sanitation strike of 1968 that would link the city's music and civil rights histories.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Wow .. this is easily the best movie news I've heard all day ... Terrence just blew me away in "Hustle and Flow," and he and Brewer tackling the story of Mr. Pride should be just perfect .. thanks for the heads up!