Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tonight: Garage; Grim Sweeper; Just the 2 of Us; What Goes Around

Oh, it's tough. Indie Memphis doesn't make it easy when all these good projects are running opposite each other.

At Theater 16 at 6:30 is "The Garage" and at 8:30 "Grim Sweeper" (Blood, brains, guts, stains and love by Edward Valibus Phillips).

Then at Theater 18 at 6:15 is "Just the Two of Us" (Keenon Nikita's winner of Hometowner feature and American Artist Film Fest in Kansas City grand prize) and at 8:45 is "What Goes Around" by Rod Pitts, winner of the new AVID Promising Filmmaker Award.

Read about 'em here and make your choice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We'll have fresh baked cookies at Grim Sweeper!*

*(Cookies not guaranteed to be fresh, baked, or present at event...)