Monday, October 30, 2006

Casting for "Let's Ride"

Here are some press releases for this production that's planning to
shoot in November:

Local Hollywood Hopefuls Will Audition for Let's Ride

The search is on for fresh new faces for the new film Let's Ride,
which is preparing to shoot in Memphis in a matter of weeks. Monica
Cooper, a Los Angeles Casting Director, will be arriving in Memphis
later this week, preparing to audition local actors for open roles.

"What better way to capture the essence of a community than work
intimately with its talent." Ms. Cooper responds. "I am looking
forward to seeing all Memphis has to offer."

Ms. Cooper will be searching for a wide variety of local talent to
play some principal roles, day player roles and a wide variety of
extras that are 18 & older. Headshots and Resumes will be accepted by
electronic submission to or by sending
hardcopies to Monica Cooper - Let's Ride, C/O The Memphis Film
Commission, 50 Peabody Place, Suite 250, Memphis, TN 38103

Currently attached to the film is Ray J, who plays Freestyle, know
most recently for his character D-Mack on the television show 'One on
One'; Shar Jackson of 'Moesha' fame, playing the role of Erika; Texas
Battle, of 'Coach Carter' will be playing the straight laced ATL;
funny man "Grapevine" from 'Cuts' and 'One on One' plays the chocolate
candy loving Big Hershey; Ronnie Alvarez, of High School Musical, who
will play Nico; Edward Barbanell, who enjoyed his rolled 'The Ringer',
will be playing Wolverine and JoMarie Payton as the Dean. They are
looking forward not only to their time in Memphis, but working with
the fresh new talent Memphis has to offer.

Let's Ride will begin principal photography in Memphis, TN in
November. This hilarious comedy which is along the lines of THERE'S
SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and ROAD TRIP, follows characters ATL, Freestyle,
Big Hershey and Nico, on the road as they travel to the ultimate fun
of Freaknik in Atlanta Georgia.

October 15, 2006, Memphis: It was announced today that the film "Let's
Ride" will begin principal photography in Memphis, TN in November.
After careful consideration of multiple locations, cast & crew were
delighted to hear they would be spending the next two months enjoying
the friendship of the community that warmly encouraged them to bring
the film to the south.

"We were so moved by the extended hand of the Film Commissioner and
Mayor Herenton to bring our film to town, we felt Memphis would be a
home away from home." states Producer Tony Smith. "The Memphis &
Shelby County Film and Television Commission have been committed to
making every part of our project effortless and have worked to make us
feel right at home."

"Let's Ride" is a hilarious comedy along the lines of THERE'S
SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and ROAD TRIP. It follows characters ATL,
Freestyle, Big Hershey and Nico, on their road to the ultimate fun of
Freaknik, along with the stress of Cousin Erika's goal of not only
being the first in her family to graduate from college, but graduating
from the rich tradition of Spellman College.

"When we are on location for extended periods of time, the stress of
being away from loved ones can take a toll on a production." Director
Dale S. Lewis explains. "The community of Memphis made us feel like we
were welcome and that makes all the difference in the world to my
actors and crew."

Cast members able to be reached, Ray J, playing Freestyle, Shar
Jackson, playing the role of Erika, funny man "Grapevine" as Big
Hershey, Ronnie Alvarez, of High School Musical, who will play Nico
and JoMarie Payton as the Dean, are looking forward to their time in

About the director:
Dale S. Lewis began his career as a UCLA film student, working as an
Assistant Editor on the set of Terry McMillan's "Disappearing Acts",
as well as "The Source" and the "Soul Train Music Awards". Lewis
further honed his craft as a Director, Assistant Director and Editor,
on more than 30 productions, ranging from Jeep Cherokee to Sketcher
commercials. The marketplace then recognized his self-established
company; DGL Entertainment (formerly known as Image is Everything
Productions), implementing his directorial vision with contracts to do
PSA's for the American Heart Association, Alert and Instructional
Videos for the infamous Latin Dance Company, Salsa Brava.

As a result of proving himself as 2nd Unit Director and Editor for
"The Big Black Comedy Show" hosted by Monique (The Parker's, Queens of
Comedy, Two Can Play That Game and The Beauty Shop), Lewis procured
one of his projects as the Director and Editor for the Disney
television pilot "Keke and Jamel" and UPN's "Second Time Around".
Lewis's prolific imagi- nation and resourcefulness is showcased via
his introspective look at America's urban underbelly; an artistic
"Dark"umentary entitled "The Other Side", that depicts the harsh
sometimes hopeless reality of the inner city residents in his native
city, Philadelphia. This Documentary provided a new home for Lewis as
a Def Filmmaker (, under the umbrella of Russell
Simmons and Stan Lathan, whose stellar reputations, professional
accomplishments and talents are stratospheric for bringing the best of
what urban entertainment has to offer through the works of emerging

At his core, Dale S. Lewis, is a compassionate, spirited, visionary
with heart. Lewis keeps his vision fresh and on the cutting edge by
not limiting himself to a specific genre of production. Lewis recently
completed a feature film entitled "Julius Home" and a 30 min short
film "Near Mrs". In addition, he is directing the musical "Church
Fight"- set to begin its national tour March 2006 and also set to
Direct the television pilot "The Grace Family". Lastly, Lewis is
currently in the research phase of development, as he prepares to
direct the feature film about the world of Fashion entitled "Rags",
produced by Fashion Mogul Tommy Hilfiger.

About the producer:
With his calling set in motion over 15 years ago, Tony Smith has
enjoyed a film & music career to be proud of. Early in his profession,
Smith produced soundtracks for such projects as "Snow Taxi", featuring
artists K.B. and Liza. His strong ability to merge the world of music
and acting, led him to produce the highly acclaimed musical, "Black
Olive", along with fellow Executive Producer, Cedric the Entertainer.

As a result of his strong alliances and keen business sense, he has
successfully joined ranks with Showtime, Sony, Universal,
Simmons-Lathan and 20th Century Fox to name a few. He has found
himself responsible for nurturing, advising and managing the promising
careers of a few up-and-coming young recording artists, directors and
television/screen stars. His relentless drive and trained ear for
excellence in music production was sought out to score Russell
Simmons's highly anticipated television series "Hip Hop Justice," "Hip
Hop Laws of Success," and hip hop themed "Yoga Live."

Tony continued to expand his talents by forming 'A Street
Productions', bringing his dream of producing feature films to
fruition, with successful films, such as "Gas", "The Big Black Comedy
Show" series which airs on Showtime in 2006 and "Julius Home" with an
expected release in summer 2007.

Smith has enjoyed recognition from The Hollywood Reporter as he
continues to grow and become a highly sought after producer. He is
currently working with Tommy Hilfiger in the final stages of
development for the feature film "Rags", which takes a look into the
behind-the-scenes exploits of the fashion industry. The movie is
expected to start production in 2007. In addition to the film, Smith
is currently producing the Reality TV show "The Paper Boyz", starring
rich Hilfiger and MJ Lewis. Smith continues his efforts in
pre-production with a film project entitled "Let's Ride", a comedic
look at 3 college friends and their road trip experience to
'Freaknick' and has signed to develop a screenplay based on the true
life story of Angelo Ales and the most scandalous ponsy scheme the
United States has seen, DFJ Italia.

One thing about Smith you can count on is the unimaginable drive to
break new ground and keep his audience wanting more.

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