Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Curse you, Indie Memphis!

It's enough to make you crazy. This year's Indie Memphis Film Festival has sellout screenings (Eat, Come Early Morning, Grim Sweeper) and customers walking out (the disturbing, potent Delusions) . It's got hometowner and out of towner gems. It's got new talent and old.

And like any well-told tale, it's got conflict. It's been happening every night since it started Friday and continues tonight and through Thursday night. You've got to choose what to see and what to miss.

Theater 16, 6:30, Art From the Street (DOC)
8:15, Send in the Clown (Feature)
Theater 18, 6:15, Severance (Feature), 8:30 A Reel Man (DOC)

For me, the big one is the finale Thursday when the Hometowner documentary winner "Nobody" premieres at 8:45 pm in Muvico theater 16 (see Chris Davis's Flyer story here) while John Michael McCarthy's "Memphcentric" retrospective explodes at 9 pm. I've got personal interest in both, but as we know, there's no multitasking in the multiplex. The laws of physics say you can only consume one nacho plate in one auditorium at one time.

I'll see you there, somewhere.

(David Williams has a cool CA story on Mike here.)

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