Thursday, January 04, 2007

Casting notice

This is from craigslist

CASTING for Short film SAG Independent Film Agreement

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Date: 2006-12-27, 7:22PM CST

Casting the follwing to shoot approximately 3 days the last week of January.
Film will be entered in Cannes '07.

Send resume, reels on DVD or VHS, to Boulevard Geronimo Productions, 1910 Madison Ave. Number 107, Memphis, TN 38104
Reels /resesumes cannot be returned
Experienced SAG Actor/Director:

This is a SAG Independent do not have to be a member of SAG but SAG members will be paid FIRST after expenses when the film is sold. SAG member must be current and will receive first consideration for casting. NonUnion members are welcome. Under the Independent Agreement, you will not receive SAG compensation nor do you receive a SAG voucher..but, unlike other nonunion members in nonSAG films you will receive credit for appearing in a SAG film. Please understand that Under the independent agreement there is no way you will receive a SAG voucher. It's not my idea. It's the SAG contract. Casting Note: Characters identified as native american do not have to be Native American but the darker characters will be the bartender and Grandmother and the young child. The Natives represented here are modern day Americans and may be very caucasion looking but Native Americans, especially members of the Cherokee Nation and members of SAG will receive a "first look" for casting. For example, Wilma Mankiller is a past Chief of the cherokee Nation, but her "coloring" is very very light... These characters are all southern with the exception of the rock star and her highly-paid rich lawyers and assistants.
Bartender- male - (a lead character)-- 40s, dark hair, Native American preferred

Tribal lawyer, male, (Lead) - 40s, alcoholic, somewhat of a hasbeen but thoughtful and proud

Tribal lawyer, female, sister to the male lead - late 30s, go-getter but not a feminist

Native American Grandmother - 60s and up - fun role - old and weathered but wise
Native American Child - female - age 8 to 10 - cute , cuddly and needy...a reservation ragdoll child.
Female Rock star- hot 20s - BLOND - must be willing to dye hair if you're not already blond if you get the role...very few lines but a very central charater and must be believeable...think Paris Hilton or Miss Teen USA in Run Lola Run only with brains and less slutty.. spiked hair but not too awful punk

Judge - Male or Female but probably a Male role - if you're female and have the look or can "sell it", you'll get it. 60s, weathered, no nonsense, corporate,

Rockstar's Lawyer Male - 50s, 6 feet tall and up, No nonsense, smooth, Like Jame's Wood's character on Shark only better looking.
Rockstar's Lawyer Number two - Male or female - slightly younger than above...similar...Female is HOT

Rockstar's Lawyers' Legal assitants....Featured Background - Hot Females 20s

TVNews Anchor Male - caucasian - think 10 p.m. NBC, CBS -- local Memphis
News Anchor Female - African American or Oriental - same as above only Hot

Field News Reporter - Female 20s, Hot, typical newby blond or oriental type more interested in her hair than in the news..."like Oh m' God - I'm on TV"

TV News Crew - Featured background = videographer, boom mike

This is a SAG Independent film agreement with budget below $50,000. It WILL premier at Cannes '07 and it will be entered for competition.

* Location: Memphis, TN
* Compensation: SAG Level One Independent Film Agreement
* This is a contract job.
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
* Please, no phone calls about this job!
* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.


Anonymous said...

So how does one premiere at Cannes without even making the film yet?

Jon W. Sparks said...

Caveat emptor

BenP said...

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Mike said...

I am Cherokee and from Memphis. What is this movie about?

Jon W. Sparks said...

All that I know, I post. Contact them for more info.