Thursday, January 25, 2007

Extras for this weekend

Drew Richcreek needs a few people to volunteer as extras. A new reality show called “Bodog’s Battle of the Bands” will be filming in Memphis this weekend. They will be creating a scene that looks like a press conference for the competing bands to interview in front of. They are looking for extras or volunteers some of whom may be fed questions to ask the bands. Filming will be Saturday the 27th from 9:30AM till 1:00pm at the Gibson Lounge. This is strictly volunteer -- no pay.

If you can commit, contact Drew at 525-1340.

Here is further info on the project:


Jet-setting billionaire Calvin Ayre is offering an American rock band a $1,000,000-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get signed, seen and heard by the world. There are no sign up fees. Just your music, your fans and your blood, sweat and commitment. The prize: a million dollar label recording contract and a chance to live the almighty rock n roll dream!

By putting a 5-star, sexy, fun twist on the American battle of the bands concept, Calvin Ayre takes television where no reality series has dared to go before. Calvin is determined to find the best unsigned act in America whom he can sign and nurture into international superstars. He is not just handing over his money; he is challenging the best bands in the country to show him their blood, sweat and commitment by taking their music to the streets, making themselves valuable and fighting their way to the top of the rock pile.

Each week on “Battle of the Bands” (9 episodes on the Fuse network, premiering early April 2007) Calvin will put his bands through a selection process comprised of carefully-devised, star-studded challenges in rock n roll locales like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Calvin's crew of A-list celebrities and music industry judges will take part in each episode helping him narrow the playing field down from 17 bands to The One.

During the competition all of the bands (regional champions from the ongoing “Bodog Battle of the Bands” contest) will fight their ways up to the luxurious lives of celebrity entertainers: from no roadies, crammed in a van, and sleeping on the floor to a full road crew and tour support, tour buses, private jets and penthouse suites. All locations will be wired to record every behind-the-scenes moment between the bands. Challenges and situations will be produced to bring out the bands’ talent and character.

Episodes will be designed to reflect lessons of the rock 'n roll lifestyle and to showcase the fun and drama of this "fish out of water" competition. Personalities, social-economic backgrounds, age, sex, life experience, and personal values will all come into play over the arc of the eleven one-hour episodes.

Each week when it's time to yank one band out of their new rock n roll life and send them home, Calvin’s Road Manager will be there to do the dirty work and confiscate the keys to their hotel room or tour credentials.

The final three bands will compete in an ultimate showdown for a worldwide live audience - where the viewers will vote and be instrumental in deciding which band walks away with a million dollar prize, a record deal, and a shot at rock stardom.

"Bodog's Battle of the Bands" is being produced for Fuse and Bodog TV by Executive Producers Steve Jones and Julio Kollerbohm. Between them, some of the team’s credits include: “Bands Reunited,” “Vh-1’s Fan Club,” “MTV’s The Real World” and the Emmy-nominated “Bands on the Run.”

What: Bodog Music’s $1 Million Battle of the Bands has narrowed the field to 10 survivors culled from more than 7,000 entrants who signed up on the web site and participated in over 300 live battle concerts. Saturday, the 10 who remain will be walking in Memphis, right to a press conference announcing the show and showcasing each bands media relations chops. The press conference will be filmed for use as part of the show.

Who: Starting with 17 of America’s best indie bands as chosen by the Bodog Battle of the Band Elimination Rounds, by the time their tour buses roll into Memphis, 10 will be left. The tour manager for the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands will be noted KROQ DJ and Loveline host Stryker. Judges for the battles include legendary Sex Pistol John Lydon, Canadian superstar Bif Naked and more TBA.

Where: The Gibson Beale Street Showcase, in the Lobby, 145 Lt. George Lee Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103

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