Monday, January 22, 2007

Clark/Carter and Pitts take the Snake

Black Snake Moan trailer winners were featured in a story in the Memphis Daily News:

John Paul Clark, a freelance cinematographer who recently graduated from the University of Memphis, and Daniel Carter, a screenwriter with a couple of semesters to go at U of M, won a promotional contest coinciding with the release of "Black Snake Moan," Brewer's new film soaked with images of the blues and the gritty side of Southern culture.

Clark and Carter, both in their early 20s, won the grand prize, the trip to Sundance. First prize went to Rod Pitts of Pittstop Productions, a Memphis-based film production company. He'll get to attend the premiere of "Black Snake Moan," which Brewer said probably will be held in New York City.

"The fact they both are from Memphis floors me, because I did not know that when I chose the two," Brewer said. "The trailer was just another way to have fun.

"We knew that we eventually wanted to launch a very user-friendly campaign, where people could get into the movie, contribute, get in on the fun and then talk about it. The studio sees it as a marketing tool. I see it as, 'Oh, wow, we get to take two young filmmakers, one gets to go to Sundance, one gets to go to the premiere.'"

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