Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Li'l Film Fest 4 ... and 5!

The excellent people at have posted the films that were screened at the Li'l Film Festival 4 in December. Watch 'em here along with all the films from LFF 3, 2 and 1. Plus trailers and other nutritious and savory items.

And Sarah has announced the theme for Li'l Film Fest 5:
Theme: the films of Craig Brewer
Duration: 5 minutes or less
Entry Deadline: March 2nd
Festival Date: Saturday, March 17th at 2pm
Festival Location: the MeDiA co-op, 1000 S. Cooper St.

As Memphians, we are grateful for the publicity and exposure that Brewer has brought to our city; and as artists, we respect and admire his drive and creativity. This is why we have chosen him as the focus of Li’l Film Fest 5: The Legend of Craig Brewer.

Oh, and remember, imitation is
the sincerest form of flattery…

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