Friday, January 19, 2007

New state film commissioner

Here's the announcement in the Tennessean naming Perry Gibson as executive director of the Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission. Her statement:

"One of my first priorities as the director of this commission will be to get the new incentives program set up properly so that we can both aggressively market Tennessee's wide-ranging assets to the entertainment industry, while also growing this important part of Tennessee's economy. We need to get this program set up correctly, and quickly, so that it will be an attractive program for the industry, and will produce positive results for the people of Tennessee - creating more jobs and more revenue for our state.

"Throughout my years working in the commercial real estate business in California, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to develop relationships with a number of entertainment industry executives. I look forward to having the chance to build on those relationships here in Tennessee."

Meanwhile, here's more on the Bennett resignation from the Nashville Scene:

Now, the worry is that the package will die a slow death, made restrictive enough to scare away any potential applicants. With that comes the fear that the governor’s office might dismantle the film commission altogether or fold it under another department, such as the Office of Economic and Community Development—thus giving the state’s film industry even less in its puny arsenal.

and further resignation info in the Nashville City Paper.


Preston said...

I googled Kenneth Kraus, the entertainment lawyer husband of new director Gibson. Seems he's a former hotshot LA showbiz atty., & they came to TN in the early 90's.

What caught my eye was this, from a news article touted on his law firm's website:

"One of his biggest clients is the estate of Elvis Presley."



Chris said...

Oh good. A commercial real estate developer. The perfect choice for a film commissioner. Personally, I never trust anyone who uses the verb "grow" to refer to anything that's not an agricultural product.

Anonymous said...

Yep.... how great for us all in TN. We go from a film and television industry professional to a real estate developer. Nice. To head a FILM commission. Why is it that most people have very unfavorable opinions of real estate developers? Because developers are usually liars and cheats who care more about making money than doing the right thing. This is a f*****g joke.

Anonymous said...

Typical. Why did we think that anything other than politics would play into the TN film commission.