Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ZoMBiEz auditions

This is a reminder about the auditions for our short film 'ZoMBiEz', Saturday, Feb. 3 from 2 to 6 at the Collierville Library. Thanks for those that have responded and for those that have reposted our bulletins. We've got character descriptions now so please pass them on!

ZoMBiEz Casting Call – Character Descriptions

Lead Roles:

Age: 17
Skinny, awkward teen. Tries to be cool by wearing baggy jeans below his butt, polo shirts with the collar popped, and trucker hats. But his glasses and affinity for sci-fi and fantasy keep him firmly planted in the “dork” category. Has no common sense but lives on information gleaned from his sci-fi and entertainment publications.

Age: 18
Bigger than Nathan. Unassuming and classically handsome. Laid-back, smooth, and an effortless way about him. Dresses in t-shirts and jeans, always nice looking, in style, and natural. Has a high IQ but no interest in learning or reading.

Age: 17
Beautiful, Christian young woman. Can be found attending Bible studies and discussions in her spare time. Wears sweater sets and quotes the Bible often. Generally has hair up, glasses, and keeps a Bible with her at all times.

Age: 30-40
Ruggedly handsome man usually wearing tweed and found feverishly working in a library. Has a PhD in Occult Practices and Cryptology. Often has a five o’clock shadow from late night studies, and glasses that he pushes up on his nose or cleans when nervous.

Supporting Roles:

New Age Shop Sales Girl (16-18)
Abercrombie Fitch Boy (17-20)
Librarian (M/F 20-40)
Ray (18-21)
Old Man Walker/Zombie (50-70)
Prom Guy Zombie (16-20)
Zombie Little Leaguer (9-12)
Spatula Head Zombie (20+)
Slacker Pizza Guy (16-25)
Headless Zombie (20+)
Zombie Family (M-40+, F-40+, M-10+, F-10+)

Of course, we need numerous extras of ALL AGES (especially 40+ adults) for our zombie hordes.

Everyone is asked to attend the casting call (with headshot and resume if available) on February 3rd, 2pm – 6pm, at the Collierville Public Library. Please sign-in at the table. Request audition material for a specific role at sign-in.

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Chris said...

Do you need to bring a headshot to try out for "Headless Zombie"?